We are a construction company specialized in the design, manufacture, assembly of metal structures and in cutting-bending and galvanizing services to satisfy the needs of companies and workshops with quality products at competitive prices and delivery times with highly qualified personnel and technology of leading edge; thus contributing to the technological, economic and social development of the country and guaranteeing the well-being of our staff.


Consolidate our leadership in the metal construction, cutting-bending and galvanizing sector at a national level. Satisfying the expectations of our clients in terms of quality, prices and delivery times through efficient processes that comply with International management product regulations and standards through permanent technological innovation and highly trained personnel committed to the company.


Business policies are aimed at efficient and effective management and control systems: quality management, technological development, production, engineering and the environment, prioritizing human development and well-being. ENABOLCO also has a policy of supporting
small and medium-sized metal mechanic companies. Architects and engineers, who require the service of cutting, bending and rolling steel plates, in lengths up to 6 meters with thicknesses from 0.5 mm up to 16 mm at advantageous costs; which allow them to carry out jobs and works
competitively without having to make significant investments in large-scale equipment and machinery; such as high-tonnage folding and guillotines.


ENABOLCO is a leading company, specialized in metal constructions, designs, manufacturing, assembly of metal structures, cutting, bending, displacement and galvanizing services. We have an integrated management system and we make the following commitments:

  • Comply with legal and other requirements applicable to the organization (customer requirements, technical standards, commitments made, among others).
  • Ensure continuous performance improvement at different levels of the organization.
  • Working in conjunction with the Joint Committee on Occupational Hygiene and Safety for the Preservation of the Occupational Safety and Health of our workers, preventing and/or reducing personal harm or deterioration in health. 
  • Prevent environmental pollution, as well as promote environmental protection and optimization of natural resources.
  • Strengthen the competence of our human resources.

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RESPONSIBILITY: Fulfill the assigned functions and commitments with creativity, own initiative and discipline.

QUALITY: Continuously improving our products to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers efficiently.

TEAMWORK: Establish communication and coordination networks to collaborate with our co-workers, seeking the growth of all.

LOYALTY: Maintain loyalty and build trust in the company and from the company towards its staff.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Constant improvement of our processes and products to stay ahead of the competition and customer needs.

RESPECT: Consideration of the rights and dignity of staff, clients, community, suppliers and the environment.

HONESTY: Maintain an environment where trust and truth prevail, so that internal and external ties are strengthened between staff, executives, clients, community and suppliers.