GALVANIZING SERVICES, which is the best anticorrosive protection for steel, metallic structures, profiles and tubes, parts and pieces, bolts, flanges, washers, screws and any steel that you want to protect against corrosion, with two processes:

HOT GALVANIZED for steel structures exposed to the elements in highly aggressive conditions. It consists of immersing the steel in a bath of molten zinc, obtaining an optimal Fe-Zn alloy, with a Zn coating. According to ASTM A 123 and ASTM A 153 for bolts, depending on the type of part.

ELECTROLYTIC GALVANIZED (ELECTROGALVANIZED) used mainly for interior steels, with excellent surface finish. It consists of the coating of the steel with zinc, in which the molecules in the anode of Zn with a positive charge, adhere to the steel with a negative charge. According to ASTM B633.