ENABOLCO is a Diez de Medina Family Group Company that started with the initiative of Lic. Luis Federico Diez de Medina Ballivián, who ventured into the field of metallic constructions and steel profile manufacturing with an Industrial Plant in Quillacollo; where later his son, Eng. Luis Federico Diez de Medina Fernández de Córdova founded “ENABOLCO” on June 23rd 1982.

The history of the company is closely linked to its Founding Partner and current General Manager, who together with his five children: Luis Federico, Marcelo, Juan Pablo, María del Rosario and Juan José, which together form the ENABOLCO family company.

The founder Eng. Luis Federico Diez de Medina, had a lot of interest in engines and machines since he was 13 years old. Thanks to the opportunity that San Agustín school gave him in his technical training, automotive and industrial mechanic workshops which in addition to his study plan, he voluntarily occupied his free time in workshops qualifying at his 15 years of age to disassemble and assemble engines; such as the engine of the Lincoln 12 in line truck, which they had for engine practices. At this age he also bought his first motorcycle with his savings, money he accumulated since he was 11 years old by being a Mechanic, typewriter, assistant and collector of the Bolivian Hardware Store. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer at the Federico Santa María University of Chile and obtained his postgraduate degree in Computer Aided Engineering at Hogeschool van Utrecht (Holland) and Universidad Mayor de San Simón.

After Concluding the Assembly of the COBOCE Cement Factory in 1972 he started his first sole proprietorship in his father's Hardware Store Warehouse. He invested USD 5,000 in his first machines, equipment and tools (welding machines, grinders, drills , saws, etc.). He began manufacturing protectors for windows, bars and gates; with a production of 12 Ton / year. Then he designed and manufactured lifts for ENDE Company used to cross the hills and obtain technical information for their hydrological instruments, as well as tanks and other metallic constructions.

Federico, in parallel to these undertakings was President of the Cochabamba Development Corporation (CORDECO), Municipal Councilor, President of the Federation of Entrepreneurs of Cochabamba FEPC and the Chambers of Construction and Industry, Director and Treasurer of Children’s Villages SOS (Aldeas Infantiles SOS), Director of ENDE and ELFEC, Professor and Director of the UMSS and the Technological Institute, participated as Partner and Manager in the Construction Companies CAI (Construction Architecture Engineering) and ALFA, with which he executed civil construction jobs, urbanizations and buildings such as Los Ceibos, El
Profesional, Los Alamos and others.

The company, within the Corporate Social Responsibility, has participated in Solidarity Projects, such as the manufacture at cost of 1,000 rural houses for the victims of the Totora, Mizque and Aiquile earthquake, a successful program thanks to the modality of self-help with farmer communities, concluded in a record time of nine months.

ENABOLCO executed all the electrical installations for Cochabamba’s first International Fair (FEICOBOL), donating 50% of its cost in favor of it.

The company cooperated in the construction of “La Ciudad del Niño” in the manufacture of cement blocks for the walls.

ENABOLCO also manufactured a 15-meter Cross as a donation to the Community and for receiving Pope John Paul II, the same one that today is located on Av. Blanco Galindo.

In 1986 ENABOLCO developed the technology to design, calculate and manufacture metal towers; for electric power transmission, substations, as well as for communications, TV channels and cell phone towers. Several are located in Alto de La Paz, such as Compadre Palenque’s tower for RTP and ATB Channel which broadcasts throughout the national territory.

In 2005 to guarantee the quality of galvanized towers it manufactured, ENABOLCO installed a modern electrolytic and hot dip galvanizing plant. This allowed it to become the most important supplier of towers in the country.

Also in 2005 to meet the growing demand for Metallic Constructions, ENABOLCO installed a new Plant in Santa Cruz de Sierra’s Industrial Park, with the same characteristics and capabilities as the plant located in Cochabamba.

The development of ENABOLCO since its constitution has been sustained and growing, it started its production with the manufacture of 80 Ton / year and after 37 years it managed to manufacture 4,000 Ton / year in 2019

Due to its quality, competitive prices and compliance with delivery deadlines the demand of its customers continued to grow steadily. In response to this in 2012 ENABOLCO decided to start the construction project of 2 new industrial plants to double its production; one in Santa Cruz de
la Sierra (Guapilo - Cotoca) to meet the demand from the East, and the other in the Santibáñez Industrial Park in Cochabamba. Additionally, in 2014 the company acquired 15,000 m2 in the Latin American Industrial Park of Warnes in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where it plans to install its fifth industrial plant.

ENABOLCO is associated with the Chambers of Industry, Construction and CAINCO. Currently, the company specializes mainly in the Construction of Metallic Structures, it also provides galvanizing, cutting, bending and rolling steel services, as well as the manufacture of all types of custom steel profiles and beams.

The company started investing in state-of-the-art automated manufacturing equipment for towers and metal structures in 2013.

Since 1982 it has been developing its own technology and “Know How” in engineering projects. With advanced computer programs, using the latest and most modern cutting-edge technology, with new automated machinery and equipment, implementing quality control systems with highly qualified personnel. Because of this ENABOLCO offers the best QUALITY option, DELIVERY TIMES AND PRICES.

Its strength is heavy mechanics, with the construction of industrial and mining warehouses, in addition ENABOLCO has become the national company with the most towers manufactured in the country.

ENABOLCO prioritizes Corporate Social Responsibility projects, having achieved the CERTIFICATION OF CAF / FUNDES, as well as the implementation of the Integrated Management System (ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety) CERTIFIED BY TUV Rheinland.

In December of 2013 the company obtained the 2013 BOLIVIA GOLDEN SEAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE in the category of medium and large companies granted by the Ministry of Productive Development and the National Chamber of Industries with the sponsorship of CAF-Banco de Desarrollo de Latin America and the Royal Danish Embassy.

The achievements made have exceeded the expectations of its workers and partners. ENABOLCO is among the most important companies of Metallic Constructions, Profiles Manufacturing, Steel Beams and Galvanized in Bolivia. It is a generator of direct and indirect employment throughout the national territory. The partners, executives, professionals, technicians and workers feel proud of having achieved the proposed goals, not only of technical and economic development, both of the company and of the staff, but also of having contributed to the integral social development of the country. For this reason ENABOLCO continues to innovate and grow with the participation of its young staff who provide energy and new ideas, as
well as its older staff who provide great experience.