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Values and Principles of Enabolco

RESPONSIBILITY: Fulfilling the functions and commitments assigned with creativity, self initiative and discipline.

QUALITY: Continually improving our products to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers in an efficient way.

TEAMWORK: Setting up networks of communication and coordination to collaborate with our work mates, looking for the growth of all.

LOYALTY: Keep fidelity and generate trust in the company and the company to the employees.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Constant improvement of our processes and products to stay ahead of the competition and customer needs.

RESPECT: Consideration of the rights and dignity of workers, customers, community, suppliers and environment.

HONESTY: Maintain an environment where trust and truth dominate, so that internal and external ties are strengthened among workers, customers, community and suppliers.

Supporting the technological, social and econimic development

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Santa Cruz: Industrial Park PI - 34 Phone (3)3646045
Cochabamba: Blanco Galindo Ave. Km 11,5 Phone (4)4260744