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About Enabolco

ENABOLCO Empresa Nacional Boliviana Constructora (in Spanish), It is a company of the family group Diez de Medina, and It has 4 industrial plants, 2 located in Cochabamba, 2 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and one Trade Office in La Paz.

ENABOLCO is committed to the technological, social and economic development of the country.

Since 1982, ENABOLCO has been developing its own technology and Know How in engineering projects with advance software’s.

Between the most important services and products that we offer to the market, we have: metallic structures, design, manufacturing and assembly of industrial plants, industrial ceilings, coliseums, tanks, hoppers, telecommunication towers and energy line towers, energy sub stations, manufacture of steel beams and profiles, services of Cutting, Break Pressing and Round Turning of steel sheets, hot dip galvanizing and electrolytic, using the highest and most modern technology, with new automated machinery and equipment.

Our team of professional’s and staff with extensive experience and highly trained, committed with the constant improvement, thanks to our systems of Quality Control, Safety, Health and Environment, help us to offer services and products of QUALITY, meeting the TIME TERMS with COMPETITIVE PRICES.

ENABOLCO is an associated member of the Industry Chamber (CAINCO) and the Bolivian Construction Chamber (CABOCO).

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Supporting the technological, social and econimic development

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Santa Cruz: Industrial Park PI - 34 Phone (3)3646045
Cochabamba: Blanco Galindo Ave. Km 11,5 Phone (4)4260744