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GALVANIZING SERVICE, Galvanizing is the best anticorrosive protection for steel, metallic structures, bars and tubes, parts and pieces, holts, washers, screws and any objects that would like to protect against corrosion. There are two forms:

  • HOT-DIP GALVANIZING for steel structures exposed to outdoors in highly aggressive conditions. It consists of immersing steel into a zinc-melted bath and obtaining an optimal Fe-Zn alloy with a Zn coat, in compliance with Standards ASTM A 123 and ASTM A 153 for screws, depending on the item type.
  • ELECTROGALVANIZING (ELECTROLYTIC GALVANIZING) mainly used for steel used internally with excellent surface finish. It consists on covering steel with zinc, where Zn anode molecules with positive charge adhere to steel with negative charge, in compliance with Standard ASTM B633.

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